Agreement reached with Elliptic Enterprises Limited

Agreement reached with Elliptic Enterprises Limited

We are proud to announce that we have reached an agreement with UK-based Elliptic Enterprises Limited. Elliptic will be contracted to ensure the safeguarding of the fund’s Bitcoin assets; providing an exceptionally sound and secure facilitation of Bitcoin storage and security.


Theft of Bitcoins has been a common problem since the currency’s inception in 2009 and security breaches have increased rapidly, corresponding with the rising value of Bitcoins.

With Elliptic’s highly innovative deep cold storage security protocols, we have full confidence in their ability to protect the Bitcoin assets. In the event of a security breach, Elliptic’s Bitcoin Vault is fully insured by one of the top insurance providers in the world. This protection covers against loss or theft of funds by a third party and guarantees the value of Bitcoins at the daily exchange rate.

We are proud to be the first known Bitcoin investment fund in the world to offer this insured and secure protection to our investors.

It is our hope that this strategic alliance will allow us to focus exclusively on providing our clients with best possible return, year after year.